Morocco, the first African country to have guest of honor at the Beijing Book Fair

The 25th edition of the Beijing International Book Fair opened Wednesday with the participation of Morocco as guest of honor, the first African country to have this privilege.

During this cultural mass, which will last until August 26, the Kingdom will participate in a book exhibition with more than 500 titles, with a total of almost 1,000 copies.

This documentary collection consists of a selection of Moroccan books including publications from the Ministry of Culture, in addition to those of the Archives of Morocco, the Council of the Moroccan community abroad, the National Council for Human Rights, the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco , the Oriental Agency, the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture and the Moroccan National Tourist Office, plus a fund of 300 titles for sale owned by publishers that have received support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

The program also includes a series of academic seminars and conferences, including a conference on translation and language policy entitled "The Road to Translation", a conference focusing on relations between Morocco and China under the title "Sino Relations". -marocaines in the light of the initiative of the Belt and the Road ", and another conference on Moroccan culture with the theme" The characteristics of Moroccan culture and literature ".

In addition, musical performances of the Moroccan artistic cultural heritage are planned for this edition.

On Tuesday evening a reception was organized in honor of Morocco as guest of honor, in the presence of the ambassador of His Majesty the King in China, Mr. Aziz Mekouar, Chinese and foreign personalities of the world cultural, artistic and political as well as members of the Moroccan delegation .

"The participation of Morocco as guest of honor is a new milestone in cultural exchanges between the two countries and offers an opportunity to celebrate the celebrations celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Beijing and Rabat," said Zhang Jichen, Director from the General Society of Import and Export Publications of China.

He also emphasized the cultural and heritage richness of Morocco and the diversity of its historical components, thanks to its historical role and geographic location, making it the link between Africa, Europe and Asia.

Mr. Zhang Jichen emphasized the continued development of Chinese-Moroccan relations at all levels and said that the fair is a good opportunity to reinforce the exchanges between the two cultures and the two countries.

In his behalf on behalf of Mr. Hassan El Ouazzani, director of the book, libraries and archives at the Ministry of Culture, the Minister of Culture and Communication, Mr. Mohamed Al Aaraj, thanked the Chinese government for this honor, which the distinctive ties between Morocco and China on the political, economic and cultural level, saying that this honor also devotes mutual respect between Moroccan and Chinese cultures, two of the oldest cultures in the world.

The cultural dialogue between the two countries could be deepened further by consolidating the cooperation between the International Exhibition of Books and the edition of Casablanca (SIEL) and the International Book Fair of Beijing, the Minister said, that this cooperation could lead to a exchange of visits by the cultural personalities of the two countries, as well as the conclusion of contracts and consultations between the publishers of professionals from both countries.

And to emphasize that the strengthening of Moroccan-Chinese cultural dialogue will be an important lever for the promotion of the Arab-Chinese and Afro-Chinese cultural dialogue, taking into account the cultural status of Morocco at the Arab and African levels, and with the distinctive and constructive ties between China and the Arab and African world.

The audience was then invited to an Andalusian musical evening, organized by the group Toulati Al-Andalous.

Organized under the theme "Be digital", the 25th edition of the Beijing International Book Fair emphasizes technological transformation as an important theme. The seminars and events in this edition deal with topics related to media development, the Internet of Things, electronic publishing techniques, interactive technology and artificial intelligence.

For the first time an exhibition with children's books will be held as part of the show.

More than 300,000 newly published books from all over the world are included in this edition, which counts 2,500 exhibitors from 93 countries and regions.

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