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27.08.2018 at 13:18

The Moroccan daily newspapers published on Monday focus on a number of issues, including the UN Secretary-General's report on the Sahara, the urgent issues that await the new Minister of Finance, the performance of the Moroccan industry and the price drop. some drugs + Al Akhbar + reports that the Secretary-General of the UN has just presented his annual report on Moroccan Sahara to the 73rd session of the General Assembly. In this report, Antonio Guterres dedicates a long passage of excerpts from the royal speech on 6 November 2017.

In the daily reports the Secretary-General referred in particular to the passage in which the sovereign emphasized that "Morocco maintained its commitment to work within the political process, stuck to the current momentum that the Secretary-General had desired, and to cooperate to work with his personal envoy.

This commitment, as declared by the sovereign and as reflected in the report of the Secretary-General, is based on the basic principles of the kingdom regarding the Sahara issue. These include, writes the publication, the rejection of any solution beyond the full sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara and its initiative of autonomy, with the need for all parties to assume their responsibilities to settle certainly this regional dispute.

These foundations also include respect for the Security Council as the only international body overseeing the process and rejecting any outdated proposal to deter the process from the existing mandate. In addition, the paper adds, the report of the UN official also shows the commitments of Morocco in terms of the continuing socio-economic development of its southern provinces.

This was mentioned in the same speech. So, as the sovereign said, "Morocco will not sit idly, wait for the desired solution, but will instead continue with the action being taken to promote the development of its southern provinces, including their link between Morocco and to make the more remote countries of Africa ", notes the daily quotation from the Guterres report. The latter have not failed to draw attention to the calm that prevailed in the southern provinces during the period covered by this report.

On the other side, + L & # 39; Economist + discusses the issues that await Minister of Finance Mohamed Benchaaboun, who officially took office last Friday.

Noting that the name of his successor at the head of the Central People & # 39; s Bank Group is one of the subjects that intrigue the business world, the newspaper does not recall that the public service is not necessarily an unknown territory for Benchaâboun, who led the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) for five years. An experience in the administration that will undoubtedly help him to meet the challenges that await us.

And below that, the paper quotes firstly the data of recovery of fragile growth, employment, investment and government debt management. It is true, like the daily notes, that Mohamed Benchaaboun takes over the finance department in a much better context than the one marking the accession of his predecessor, including public accounts that were less red than in the past. . The budget deficit, which reached 7% before the appointment of Mohamed Boussaid in 2013, has returned to a sustainable level.

However, the constant alarms of organizations such as the IMF, the Central Bank or the Moroccan Center for Economic Conditions (CMC) regarding the quality of growth achieved by Morocco, the efficiency of public investment or the unpaid government suggest that the mandate of the new minister may not be easy. Especially, the newspaper says, it will give quick answers to restore business confidence, which has been undermined in recent months.

+ Akhbar Al Yaoum + notes that the Moroccan industry recorded a slight increase of 3% in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2017, the rate of which did not exceed 2.3% /

According to the Central Bank, production and average use of productive energy declined in June, after the increase recorded in May last year.

+ Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki + reports that today the port of Tangier Med rivals the largest port infrastructure in the world.

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