Preventive measures to avoid scorpion stings …

The Ministry of Health called on Friday 17 August citizens to take preventive measures to protect themselves against scorpion stings and snake bites, especially during the summer season, where there are often cases of narrowing, especially in rural areas

. more than 25,000 cases of scorpion stabbing and so-called 350 snake bites nationally registered, according to a ministry. For better protection against these dangers, the Ministry of Health recommends that civilians of 19459003 avoid grasslands, rocky places and caves (19459004) and systematically inspect shoes and protective clothing.

At the level of the residential area, the ministry emphasized the need to weed near houses and the surrounding area, while gaps and dens in walls and ceilings are closed and tile walls to prevent toxic insects from entering the place of residence .

In addition, he urged the population to store wood and used objects in specific places reminding that the supply of electricity and water and the regular collection of waste are all factors that protect against the risk of promote contamination. 9659003] In case of biting the Ministry of Health emphasizes the urgency of urgently the victim to the nearest emergency service, knowing that any delay in the treatment of such cases is only limiting the effectiveness of the therapeutic intervention. The use of traditional methods often leads to serious complications, warns the communiqué .

In addition, the department recalled having made available to citizens a telephone line (0537686464 or 0810000180) 24 hours a day to communicate with the Anti Poison Center and the Pharmacovigilance Center of Morocco (CAPM) and to learn on the prevention and management of cases of poisoning

With regard to antidote treatment, he pointed out that treatment with anti-scorpionic sera was discontinued because of the ineffectiveness proven by scientific studies and research.

Decrease in mortality due to scorpion stings and snake bites

For snake bites, serum treatment, while not sufficient, helps to improve the patient's condition and complicate hospitalization. This type of treatment was included in the medical management protocol in 2011.

Anti-snake bite poison treatment is performed in health institutions under the supervision of a specialized physician. provided that the injured person is rushed to the hospital.

This treatment is available in hospitals in areas most exposed to the risk of contamination, in particular Souss-Massa, Marrakech-Safi, Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra, Guelmim-Oued Nun, Beni Mellal-Khenifra , Fez-Meknes, Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, Casablanca-Settat, Rabat-Salé-Kenitra.

Thanks to the national strategy of the ministry, the mortality rate due to scorpion stings dropped from 1.7% in 1999 (82 deaths) to 0.25% in 2017 (51 deaths) .

A significant decrease in the percent mortality from bites was also recorded, rising from 2.88% in 2012 (6 deaths from a total of 208 bites) to 1.96% last year (8 deaths by 408 bites)

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