Re-launched the tunnel between Morocco and Spain?

It is the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial that talks about the tunnel again and it has a 30-minute railway crossing between the two countries, of course all under the Mediterranean. The newspaper is even enthusiastic and says that "the contours of the project have never been defined as sharply as today, even if we can not deny the existence of uncertainties, some can even be insurmountable."

To convince, the newspaper quotes the executive president of the Spanish Association for Fixed Link Studies through the Straits of Gibratar (SECEG), which plans the construction of two tunnels between the two countries with a length of about 28 km and a maximum depth from 300 meters.

For the authors of these studies it took almost 40 years to make the choice between the bridge and the tunnel, which means that the road is still long for this project that was launched in 1979 by King Hassan II and Juan Carlos I for the two countries initialed an agreement in 1980 and another agreement 9 years later in 1989.

Since then, two companies have founded the Moroccan: the National Society of Strait of Gibraltar Studies (SNED) and the Spanish: Spanish Society for Fixed Link Studies by the Strait of Gibratar (SECEG), which is not the project since 2010 evolving.

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