Rental of beach equipment, a seasonal job that is controversial

It is afternoon on the beach of Oudayas of Rabat. Samir and Abdelaziz, two young guys, watch the scene behind their sunglasses. A card in hand, they explain, the summer holiday guests come to a fun time on the beach. They are the owners of umbrellas, chairs and tables. A seasonal activity among other jobs that bloom in the summer.

Since the beginning of the summer, the two young people have invested part of the beach of Rabat, which is not empty during this time of intense heat, to offer their services to vacationers in search of freshness and entertainment

" This is a rental service for the day Many years ago we saw a strong demand for beach accessories Therefore, we decided to do this activity to make a little money during the summer holidays, "says Samir.

"Contrary to what many people think, this task requires a lot of work and effort, adds Abdelaziz from his side, long hours from labor to the night, and it increases, during all the days of the week." the rental of beach equipment, it is our job to also take care of the urn on the personal effects of summer visitors and at night, we are the guards of our own equipment ", says Abdelaziz. 19659005] " We often spend the night at the beach ", thinks in a melancholic tone this thirty-year-old who works one hundred kilometers from his family

" I notice that it is mainly young people who carry out this activity ", says Khadija, who has just rented two sunbeds." With a lot of energy we see them helping and helping the summer visitors settle down comfortably ", says Salah, her husband

An area omgez et in 30 DH [19659003] For prices that vary between 10 and 30 dirhams, summer evenings of a furnished space and a personal rental service benefit. " It is convenient, I could not take any chairs in the absence of space, so renting is the best solution ", says Fatima-Ezzahra, a Beni Mellal youth who chose

While some vacationers used this concept find useful and practical, others do not seem to appreciate this activity.

" Almost a year ago, umbrella rental m & # 39; had banned to plant my own umbrella on the same beach & # 39 ;, remembers Amine, a forty-year-old, usual place. [19659003] " I am not against this seasonal appeal, but this service must be an option and not an obligation ", he pointed out, and stated that " it is the holidaymaker who must try to rent and not the opposite "

" Some providers of this service almost squat the beach ", outraged Meryem, who thinks it is bad The management of this activity contributes to the deformation of places

" The least is to display the rates, as long as it is a legal activity ", judge, for his share, a father

" Rental prices are exorbitant for a large family. It is necessary to consider a consistent budget to go to the beach "complains.

In all the cities of the Kingdom the management of the beaches of the capital falls under the responsibility of the urban municipality. and the Local Law 81-12 on the coast offers " free public access to the coast of the sea ". " Every year a tender is issued for the management of this part of the public space ", an official from the town hall of the city declares.

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