Royal wrath in Fez: "A pure lie"

By The Economist The 26/08/2018 – 18:21 | parts
Royal wrath in Fez:

Contrary to what was reported on Saturday by news sites, the king would not be angry with officials from the city of Fez. "He did not go to the medina and did not contact a leader regarding the property of the city," say sources corresponding to L & # 39; Economist. "These are sheer lies: the king arrived Friday in Fez via the airport and then went straight to the royal residence of Douyet", says one. And to continue: "There were comments about the cleanliness of the Al Mariniyyine district, but it dated from a previous visit".

The king was on Saturday afternoon on his way to see Meknes, accompanied by his chamberlain Chrif Sidi Mohammed Alaoui. Omar Azaitar, manager and member of the training staff of the brothers Azaitar, world champion of MMA, sat behind the Royal Bentley on his three-wheeled engine. The latter has published a photo on his Instagram account with the brand Daya yogurt Chergui, produced by Daisy & # 39; s agricultural Douyet.


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