Soon no need to go to university

Higher education: Soon no need to go to university


05/09/2018 10:00

Learn without moving to the university. This also exists, of course, but the idea also comes to Morocco. Employees of the Ministry of Higher Education indeed think seriously about setting up virtual universities.

These are opposed to face-to-face training, which requires the student to follow a normal course. Otherwise the training does not take place in a university setting. Well-informed sources state that this is a new direction to meet the high demand for training. Specifically, a Moroccan student or bachelor can choose one of the proposed specialties to enroll and follow the courses and all of this without having to go from his chair to the house.

The flexibility of this type of distance learning system also allows some people to have a parallel activity. However, students will have to make some trips to the university. These few trips during a university year enable those involved to follow the current periodic assessment system and the examination system. Officials hope to offer thousands of Moroccan students the opportunity to attend a university education, to avoid the inconvenience of traveling and the extra costs involved.

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