Tangier acquires the largest tourist wheel in Africa

This project, which includes the largest Ferris wheel in Southern Europe and Africa, is likely to stimulate more employment in Tangier and give new impetus to the tourist offer of the city of Detroit.

Called "Tangier & # 39; s Big Wheel", the project of two young Moroccans living abroad costs nearly 5.5 million euros (60 million DH) and also offers aquatic activities, the municipality said on its website web.

Located at the confluence of two seas and on the edge of two continents, the city of Tangier has a geographical location that offers potential tourist attractions. Thanks to its picturesque locations and its cosmopolitan character, Tangier is characterized by an ambitious and varied tourism development. The tourism sector is one of the growth sectors of the regional economy.

The city of Detroit has 105 hotel and tourist accommodations, with a total capacity of 12,300 beds. The destination is also distinguished by its many assets and an important hinterland, which makes it possible to vary the offer in the areas of cultural tourism, business travel, coastal shipping, cruise and sports tourism.


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