The conditions of the Moroccan pilgrims to the holy places are "positive"

The Ambassador of Morocco in Saudi Arabia, Mustapha Mansouri, said Saturday that the conditions of pilgrims Moroccans on the holy places of Islam are "positive."

In a statement to the MAP, Mansouri pointed out that the visits to Moroccan pilgrims in their homes in Mecca, the Hajj offices and the medical missions, which guarantee their safety and health, confirm that the ritual of Hajj "takes place in positive circumstances."

In this sense he recalled that the visit, Thursday and Friday, was carried out by the official delegation for the pilgrimage, made it possible to read the conditions for the submission of the Moroccan pilgrims, as well as the arrangements were taken to guarantee them a better stay in the Holy Places, in application of the Hautes ins tricks of King Mohammed VI.

He further noted that the Moroccan pilgrims, whose number is about 32,000, have expressed their satisfaction to the members of the official delegation for the pilgrimage about the unfolding of the rite of the hajj, the begging of the Supreme of salvation and give success and honor to King Mohammed VI, Amir al-Muminin.

Last Thursday, the Saudi authorities announced the end of the arrival of pilgrims outside of Saudi Arabia who are nearly two million from more than 80 countries.

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