the French fans of Marrakech [Vidéo]

It is six o'clock in the morning, about twenty kilometers north of Marrakech (Morocco). To the control of a balloon, Daniel Penet. The pilot took over the company that proposed 28 years ago, his first balloon flights. Tourists come to see the day rise in this bubble of serenity. She then radada, that is closer to the ground. The flight takes an hour. Back on the ground, it is in a sidecar that we continue to Marrakech. Philippe Laromiguière has lived in Morocco for years. It gives tourists the benefit of his experience. To find green gardens, you have to go to the big hotels and luxury villas. Then cross the new city before the Medina. Inside it is better to leave a vehicle for walking and getting lost in the streets and souks: the paradise of tourists, looking for memories. And so no spices melt in the cupboards, a hotel offers Tajine lessons. "Another way to discover Moroccan culture," says Aurélie Lebozec, a tourist. To find local crafts, we now leave Marrakech to Tameslohte 20 km to the south. Weavers founded a cooperative in 2009. Here everything is traditional and the techniques are ancestral. Visitors can buy directly in the store. Prices are higher than in the souks. The price of quality works and is paid better.

1.5 million French in 2017 Last phase of this day off the beaten path: the desert of Agafay, a stone desert half an hour from Marrakech. Some camps welcome tourists to spend the day, to sleep or to make tea. No time to ride a camel, you have to be in Marrakech at sunset to attend the concert call to prayer. The atmosphere is very special at dusk when dozens of small restaurants settle in the square. The magic of Morocco last year attracted more than one and a half million French.

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