The King is following a new road map to promote young people

King Mohammed VI today addressed a speech to the nation on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the revolution of the King and the People. The sovereign reiterated his concern about the situation of young Moroccans and called on the various actors to take the necessary measures as quickly as possible to restore unemployment and stop the bleeding of skills.

At first sight, King Mohammed VI reminded the various political and institutional actors during a speech to the nation on the occasion of the 65the the anniversary of the revolution of the King and the People, the interest he has for the issue of youth. In this context, and referring to his opening speech, he spoke about his appeal to the various stakeholders, to put the issue of youth at the heart of the new development model and to develop a specific integrated strategy. young people "who would define the means to effectively promote their condition".

In addition, the sovereign stressed the need to consider the rights of young people before considering the duties that apply to them. "A young person can not be called to play his role and fulfill his duty without first having benefited from the necessary opportunities and qualifications," said the sovereign. To add: "We need to offer something concrete to this young person, especially in the areas of education, employment, health and many other areas, and for these young people we must give hope and confidence in their future".

An alarming unemployment rate

The sovereign expressed his concern about the high youth unemployment rate, which for him is "a real subject of dismay".

"It is inconceivable that one out of four young people is unemployed despite the economic growth that Morocco has achieved worldwide, and these figures are more dramatic in urban areas," he said.

For King Mohammed VI, efforts in the field of economic projects and social programs do not meet his expectations. "Faced with this state of affairs and in accordance with the orientations set out in the speech of the throne, we must once again and urgently draw attention to the issue of youth employment, particularly with regard to the articulation of the education and training system. "he continued.

"Indeed, we no longer have to accept that our education system functions as a machine to make countless unemployed, especially in certain university courses whose graduates, as everyone knows, are struggling enormously to enter the labor market," deplored the sovereign in his speech.

Leak of skills … an endemic problem

In addition to the problem of unemployment, the sovereign mentioned the need to take the necessary measures to put an end to the mutilation of skills. "When a large number of young people, especially high-level graduates of science and technology, think they emigrate, they are not only motivated by attractive incentives to live abroad," said the sovereign. These young people also consider this event because "in their own country they have a climate and conditions favorable to active life, professional promotion, innovation and scientific research", the king complained.

So in order to overcome the "endemic problem" of the flight of skills, it is urgent and "presupposes a better match between training and employment and a reduction in unemployment", he confirmed.

In this context, he urged the government and the actors involved to "take a series of measures as quickly as possible", noting that "youth issues are not limited to education and training, employment, they also cover in other conceptual areas such as openness, intellectual development and physical well-being ".

A new route map

King Mohammed VI has drawn up a new roadmap, consisting of six measures, the first of which advocates "a thorough review of the mechanisms and programs of public support for youth employment, to make them more effective and better respond to expectations youths.

"This redeployment work must be done according to the model I have advocated in the speech of the throne, on social protection program," said the sovereign, adding that "in this perspective we have decided that before the end of the year A National Meeting on Employment and Training The objectives are to formulate practical resolutions and new solutions, to launch initiatives and to develop a rigorously defined roadmap to promote employment ".

Second, continuing the sovereign, it is necessary to "give priority to the specialties that make it possible to find a job and establish an effective system of early orientation at the level of the second or third year prior to the baccalaureate ", explaining that the role of such a system is to help pupils, depending on their disposition and their tendencies, to make one or two choices: follow a university education or follow a vocational training.

At the same time, the sovereign has called for the establishment of a "framework agreement between the government and the private sector to give a strong impetus to the re-qualification procedure for students studying without qualifications" and who will thus be able to enjoy new opportunities to facilitate their social-professional integration.

The third measure consists of a thorough review of vocational training specialties "to meet the needs of companies and the public sector, and to be attuned to the transformations of the industrial and professional sectors". so that the laureates have a better chance to integrate professionally.

That is why the sovereign went on: "More attention should be paid to vocational training at all levels", saying that "it is also important to set up a new generation of training and qualification centers, young people who can meet the current requirements and taking into account the specific characteristics and needs of each region ". In the same vein, he noted the commitment of the Hassan II Economic and Social Development Fund to contribute to the construction and equipping of new vocational training centers to meet new needs.

The fourth measure enumerated by the sovereign concerns the introduction of practical mechanisms to qualitatively improve the incentives for young people to set up small and medium-sized enterprises in their specialty areas and to support independent entrepreneurship and creative initiatives. social enterprises.

In addition, government agencies, and local authorities in particular, have to pay their obligations to businesses, "because any payment arrears can lead to bankruptcy and thus a lot of job losses," complained the king, questioning the meaning of "preaching, for example, while the administrations and institutions of the state do not fulfill their commitments in this area? & # 39 ;.

The fifth measure called the sovereign is to introduce new mechanisms to integrate part of the informal sector into the formal sector, by ensuring the human potential that includes the first appropriate training and incentive and social security and projects supports independent entrepreneurship or the establishment of a company.

As a sixth measure, this is a compulsory program of three to six months for each institution to improve students and trainees in foreign languages; to promote increased linguistic integration at all levels of the study, especially in teaching scientific and technical subjects, the king explained.

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