The king mourns 889 people, including 11 Hirak activists held in Casablanca

On the occasion of Eid Al Adha, King Mohammed VI granted his pardon to 889 people, some of whom are in detention and others in freedom, condemned by the various courts of the Kingdom, said a statement from the Ministry of Justice. justice.

Among the people forgiven by the king are eleven inmates from Hirak, H24info learns from concordant sources, here is the list: Mohamed El Mehdali, Mohamed Naimi, HAkimi Ahmed, Hezzat Ahmed, Fahim Ghettass, Mohamed Mekouh, Jaouad Belaali, Mohamed El Hani, Badr Akraf, Aziz Khali and Khalid El Baraka.

Here is also the text of the communiqué of the Ministry of Justice concerning grace:

"On the occasion of Eid Al Adha Almobarak, this year 1439 H.- 2018 G, His Majesty King Mohammed VI that God perpetuates His glory, He kindly granted His grace to a group of people condemned by different courts of the Kingdom, there are 889 of them as follows:

-The beneficiaries of the royal pardon who are in custody, 844 detainees are divided as follows:

+ Thanks to the rest of the prison sentence for 188 detainees

+ Remission of imprisonment or imprisonment for 646 detainees

+ Transfer of the death sentence to life imprisonment for the benefit of four detainees

+ Transfer of life imprisonment for the benefit of 06 detainees

-The recipients of the royal pardon who have the freedom are divided by 45 people as follows:

+ Thanks to imprisonment or the rest of it in favor of 03 people

+ Thanks to the prison sentence with the maintenance of the fine for 02 persons

+ Thanks to the fine for 40 people.

May God keep His Majesty the King, source of generosity and mercy, immortalize His glory and retain His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay Al Hassan and all members of the Royal Family. "

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