The morning MEPs point to the achievements of Morocco in the context of the fisheries agreement with the EU

Members of the House of Council members stressed on Friday in Rabat the importance of the achievements that Morocco could achieve after initialling the fisheries agreement with the European Union. At a meeting of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Frontiers, National Defense and Occupied Moroccan Zones in the Chamber of Counselors, dedicated to "negotiations between Morocco and the EU on the Fisheries Agreement", the Council members stressed the need to coordinate with the legislative institution. continue to mobilize and strengthen to defend national interests.
In the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, members of the House of Representatives welcomed the effectiveness of Moroccan diplomacy in the negotiation process with the EU, expressing their satisfaction with the exclusion of the Mediterranean from the initialed agreement. They also noted that the initialling of the agreement is in itself "a major achievement", in particular in the part of the certificate of origin, and that it is appropriate in the coming months to work on the completion of the agreement. approval of the agreement by the European Union. The consultants also pointed out that the annual counterpart of the fisheries agreement, although rising from € 40 million to € 52.2 million per year, does not reflect the substantial benefit that the European fleet brings.

At this meeting, Mr Bourita called on all stakeholders to mobilize during the next stages of adoption and implementation of the fisheries agreement, noting that "there is still a way to go, especially the fight that will take place in the European Parliament". This struggle, he said, requires the support of the various actors, parliamentarians and supporters, to consolidate the achievements of Morocco in this matter.
The minister also said that "by taking part in negotiations for the renewal of the fisheries agreement, the Kingdom has established red lines, including respect for national sovereignty, the inclusion of the agreement within the framework of the national fisheries strategy, with the sustainability of the the process of approval of the agreement will continue as part of an internal internal EU procedure and will first be reviewed by the Senate of the Member States before being voted and endorsed by the European Parliament. while the procedure will be continued at national level in accordance with applicable legislation.

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