The Morning – Ninth Congress of African Linguistics from 25 to 28 August

The ninth World Congress of African Linguistics is organized from 25 to 28 August, on the initiative of Mohammed V University of Rabat and the Research Laboratory on culture, language, education, migration and society. Filed under the theme "African languages ​​in the age of globalization: from description to state policy", the congress will have to examine many linguistic and cultural phenomena, as well as the factors that influence African languages ​​in a world, with particular emphasis on
endangered languages, says a statement from the organizers.
This edition will be characterized by the participation of more than 45 countries, including 23 African, and the presence of about 400 speakers from the world of culture, politics and scientific research, with the key to the presentation of more than 300 scientific articles. Organized for the first time in North Africa, this conference will discuss topics about "African languages ​​in law and policy", "African linguistics", "The mixing of languages ​​and linguistic diversity", "Amazigh studies", "Language and development" "African languages ​​and technology", "African languages ​​and education", "African languages ​​and translation" and "The presence of the Arabic language in Africa". There are also debates on "Globalization and the sociolinguistic landscape in Africa" ​​and seminars on official and national languages ​​(classical Arabic, Amazigh, Hassani and Arabic dialect).

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