The royal speech broadcasts at 9:30 pm on Monday

King Mohammed VI will address the nation on the evening of August 20th. A speech that a government council will follow the same day and must be delivered from Rabat.

Yassine Majdi

In on the occasion of the 65 e anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people, King Mohammed VI will give a speech which will be broadcast on the radio on 20 August at 21.30 hrs. and television. This is what announces a press release from the Ministry of the Royal House, Protocol and Chancellery which is passed on by the press organ of the CARD at 19.

According to " sources " quoted by, the sovereign left Tangier on August 18 to lead " the festivities of national and religious holidays ." This speech will follow a government council that will be held the same day and will discuss a bill on "military service". According to the information website, Mohammed VI is expected to chair a Council of Ministers on 20 August.

Also note that the celebration of the Youth Day, which takes place on 21 August on the occasion of the sovereign's birthday, must be canceled. Sources quoted by Telquel Arabi claim that the Royal House, the Protocol and the Chancery Ministry have made this decision because the ruler must receive political, security and diplomatic figures for the celebration of Aid El Adha, which will take place on August 22

In his last speech on 29 July, on the occasion of the throne, King Mohammed VI mentioned the broad lines of a grand social reform project for the entire national territory. that the Executive is called upon to undertake.

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