Video. Masters scandal for sale: the intermediary has been arrested

The case of the Masters against money, a scandal that shocks too much for the Ministry of Higher Education. An audio recording, which has gone around social networks, reveals the details of a negotiation between a student and an intermediary. He was arrested

Attorney General Mohammad Abdennabaoui ordered the opening of an investigation by the judicial police in the case of the trade of university degrees. This decision comes after a broad distribution of an audio recording that broke a scandal that has pushed the nail of a sector into a bad state.

The deal is to pay 40,000 dirhams to facilitate obtaining the master in a university of Fez. According to the negotiations in the audio, the intermediary promises discounts if the student brings back other candidates.

After the Attorney General's intervention, a suspect was arrested in this case and an investigation was opened based on the sound recording. It will fail other suspects involved in this scandal.

The Ministry of Higher Education has come online in this case, which undermines the credibility of higher-education degrees in Morocco by circumventing criteria of accessibility to the master

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