Video. Travel and Eid Al Adha: the prices are huge, the citizens rattle

by Fatima Zhra Karzabi and Adil Gadrouz the 21/08/2018 at 11h44 (updated on 21/08/2018 at 12h20)

cover video: • مسافرون يشكون ارتفاع اسعار تذاكر السفر بعيد الاضحى

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Traveling to celebrate Aïd Al Adha with your family will be a real obstacle course for many Moroccans. Those who have to wait until the day before to travel by public transport, coaches and taxis are confronted with sky-high prices. Reportage.

For the bus trip, for example, the tickets are sold at twice the standard price on the black market because they are exhausted at the counter.

"From Casablanca to Midelt I usually pay 150 dirhams, today it is 300 dirhams, it is too much, for large families it is almost impossible to get around" this citizen in a testimony of the 360.

The same story with this other citizen came to buy a ticket for a loved one. They sell the ticket for Ouarzazate double the price, or 300 dirhams, and it is the same rate for Zagora, knowing that this city is further than Ouarzazate, & # 39; he finds helpless.

From Fatima Zhra Karzabi and Adil Gadrouz

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