Video. Youth day. Rabat. Impressive FRA flying show

by Mohamed Chakir Alaoui and Noursaid Gamal the 22/08/2018 at 11.19 am

cover Video • عرض باهر لمظليي القوات الملكية الجوية

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The Royal Air Air Forces acrobatic patrol, "Green March", offered on Tuesday, above the Bouregreg estuary, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of King Mohammed VI, an impressive air show, with a bonus of impressive jumps from parachutists. Reportage.

For a large and learned audience, reinforced by the presence of civil and military personalities, the Moroccan aerobatics patrol presented very beautiful aerial acrobatics, combined with breathtaking jumps of paratroopers. Images and impressions.

By Mohamed Chakir Alaoui and Noursaid Gamal

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