Water, power source for Abdelkader Amara

Leave the secretariat responsible for Water at a time when the question is a "strategic" aspect. The orders of Charafat Afilal are in the hands of Abdelkader Amara, who is not at his first attempt.

Thomas Savage

A In favor of a rearrangement in the mini-cab on August 20, the Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water Abdelkader Amara has expanded its powers. On the one hand, the Minister PJD loses the interim step that he held at the Ministry of Economy and Finance – despite a " training in economics or finance "By the admission of the head of the government – with the appointment of Mohamed Benchaaboun as the new treasurer of the Kingdom, on the other hand, it obtains the pure and simple repression of the state secretariat that is in charge of the Water, where the member of the political office of the PPS Charafat Afilal sat.

" The purpose of this Decision is to improve the management of water projects and projects, their effectiveness and efficiency, and the strengthening of coherence and complementarity between the different services and institutions involved in water under this Ministry, in accordance with the special interest that His Majesty the King attributes to this sector, " said the communiqué of the royal cabinet that announced the decision.

Given the events that led to the removal of this.

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