Wave of solidarity for Khadija, underage kidnapped, mutilated and raped in assembly

DFor almost a week, the terrible story of Khadija, a kidnapped, raped, tortured, drugged and tattooed by a group of men in a douar in the province of Fquih Ben Salah for two months, evokes the indignation of Moroccan public opinion. Supportive responses are raining, because the case is now in the hands of justice.

" Nine of the fourteen alleged torturers of the 17-year-old girl are currently in custody. The other five are still wanted, "Says Abderrahim Majdi, chairman of the department of the Moroccan Society for Human Rights (AMDH) in Beni Mellal." They were presented to the prosecutor of the court of appeal of Beni Mellal, who decided to submit the case to the investigating judge. for the purpose of the in-depth investigation. The hearing before the examining magistrate will take place on 6 September. " adds the same source.

The ordeal of Khadija, who lives in Oulad Ayad (a village in the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region), begins more than two months ago. "During the month of Ramadan I went to spend a week with my aunt. I stood in front of my aunt's house and a group of men kidnapped me and took me to an empty lot that I do not know,The victim tells the microphone Chouf TV.

Caught, mutilated and tortured for two months, the girl confides: "Oh I tattooed and burned the body without being aware of it. I kept crying and tried to run away several times, but they managed to catch me. They beat me then (…) They are criminals who have given me no food or drink and have not allowed me to wash myself"In his testimony Khadija also claims that one of his torturers received money from his rapists.

After two months, "my father called one of them and promised not to complain. They put me on a motorcycle in front of my house,The victim says. And to add: "I I am someone of pious people, I have continued my studies and they have ruined my life, I can not even go out".

Khadija has filed a complaint and hopes that her torturers will be punished. Various associations, including the AMDH, promise to support him. " We already have six lawyers and members of the association that will defend Khadija,"Says Abderrahim Majdi The association of development of childhood and youth ADEJ (section Souk Sebt) announced by a communiqué that it will play a civil role in the affair of Khadija.

Shocked and indignant, internet users are unanimously calling for justice for the victim under the hastag #JusticePourKhadija. "I am sorry to see that such a case has taken place in my home village." I express my support for this child and his family, and those who have committed these abominable acts must be severely punished,»Wrote a user in the group« Bladi called ayad Official".

Another says " I have never seen such sadistic acts and tortures in this country. Justice and the authorities are doing their job and are certainly all arrested and convicted, but this girl who will help? Khadija needs psychological support and benefactors to help her obtain and remove the tattoos she has received (…)"The answers did not come long.

خديجة أوقرو, 17 عام, فتاة من حي الليمون بجماعة أولاد عياد نواحي الفقيه بن صالح, شدوها شي وحدين و داوها معاهوم, شهرين …

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On Saturday, August 25, a person named Badeiaa Zaki offered Falky to take charge of the victim. "We are a laser center in Rabat and are ready to eliminate tattoos. She will have to move every two months. We will also take care of his travels"On the same day, a dermi pigmentation center based in Casablanca also proposed to support Khadija on its Facebook page, a petition addressed to King Mohammed VI has been signed to date by 4,000 Internet users." On the side of Oulad Ayad, a sit -in organized in support of the victim.

I try to contact the girl to clean her who has her phone number العربية العربية

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