"We are all Khadija": the plea of ​​Abdellah Taïa

theHorror, again. The banal rape of Moroccan women, once again. Khadija, 17, said she was isolated, abused, tortured for weeks by a group of boys this summer. A scandal that naturally makes the noise, which of course is sick, which of course feeds all the discussions in Morocco for a few days. A case that can unfortunately be forgotten next week or next month. We go on. A new source of collective excitement. Nothing will happen. The subject will not even be dealt with by society. This is so. Do not be surprised. It is no longer life, it is the jungle. And as always, it is women who pay the price of all dysfunctions of a society that still does not want to grow.

With the case of the rape of the young Khadija douar Oulad Ayad (on the Beni Mellal side, in the middle of the country), we reach a new level in the ineffable. From what we know (the research is underway), and if we believe that everything the victim has said on the Internet several times, for two months, different men have in turn been kidnapped, drugged and raped, role. They passed it between them. A doll. A small dog. A sex slave.

And if that were not enough, these rapists are really not afraid of the law, they have left traces on the body of Khadija, tattoos. The irrefutable proof of their guilt? Yes. But to tell the truth, from what is being revealed little by little, we are no longer in this affair. We are in a national scandal that can be interpreted as follows: it is about rapes and messages that are written on the body of a woman that is meant for everyone. Not just Morocco. Yes, we are rapists. Yes, this woman has no value. Yes, we are wanted. Yes, we are poor people who have been left behind in our own country and in our way we are challenging the injustice that is being imposed on us. Yes, you are right, we are criminals. Are you going to punish us? We re-educate? Do we throw in prison? We will start again, you know that very well.

Khadija's parents did not even want to file a complaint. What is the use of this public disgrace? This is the Mektoub. What has been done has been done. We are nothing at all. Poor people among the poorest in a country that nobody cares about. Let's hide our daughter and stay as always: without any support. And then the police will not move. Anyway, Khadija's life is already over. Ruined. Nobody will want her. No one will want to approach a person affected by the plague who is marked for life in his own flesh.

It is the associations that managed to persuade them to go to the gendarmerie station and to publish this tragedy, this tragedy that could very well have happened in a big city, Rabat, Marrakech, Tangier. In a rich and powerful Fez family, for example. The summer of 2017 was characterized by the gang rape (and filmed) in Casablanca of the bus girl. In the summer of 2018, the heroine is called the girl with tattoos. And between these two seasons there were other exaggerated stories, unsustainable, very commented on social networks and completely forgotten.

Do not be surprised about anything. Some say they were, these two rugged girls who were looking for it. Others say they had already been deflowered, as if they wanted to justify what happened to them. Only the first rape counts. We all know it. From the second it is something else. It is no longer rape. No? That's what they say. That's what the rapists think: to see others appear honestly on Youtube, on Facebook, on Instagram, their wealth, their wedding ceremonies, their birthdays, their vacation villas, their cars, their sumptuous caftans, their jewelry, their massage sessions, we eventually lost our heads. Have a small heart. We also want to live. Enjoy ourselves too. Kiss us too. Do not talk to us about education, morality and the Islamic religion. It has nothing to do. Do not mix everything. Do not give us your electronic beliefs. Your arrogance. Your sociological view. Your racism itself. That is not going to solve anything. This Khadija is only a woman. We should not exaggerate. Just a woman. We wanted to taste the paradise. That's all. And in a few months we will go to our mandatory military service to learn to defend this country that does not give us anything. Do you understand the logic? Open your eyes. We too, men of the lower classes without education or work, we have to be defended. Not just Khadija.

Before it is too late, what can be done to solve the problem? How to help for real Khadija, his sisters and also, do not forget them, his brothers? It is more than urgent to leave political statements of circumstances. Get out of this terrifying void. Come out of this collective disease that spreads in us and makes us insensitive. Difficult with each other. Blind. Selfish. Extremely violent. It is more than urgent for the state to come up with new laws that really protect Moroccan individuals. Give them their rights. Their rights. And let them know what it means. Let them be trained. Let them be involved. He is really interested in their fate.

It is more than urgent to think again about the social contract that unites us. We must not wash our hands from Khadija's case. Of course there are some Khadijas in Morocco. We must not continue the policy of the ostrich, as Morocco did with the case of the singer Saad Lamjarred, repeatedly accused of rape. Circulate, there is nothing to see. We must not cling to outdated values ​​that kill our children. We kill each other. Too much is too much. If the power does not do its job of teaching, it is up to us to do it. Being a man means having heart. It reaches out. Help each other. And not to enjoy the spectacle of his endless fall. The fall of a man is the fall of an entire country.

We are all Khadija.

signatories: Noureddine Ayouch (advertising); Tahar Ben Jelloun (writer); Mahi Binebine (artist); Chafiq Chraïbi (obstetrician gynecologist); Miriam Douiri (bookseller); Sanaa El Aiji (sociologist); Nawal Hakam (Secretary General of Akkari Children & # 39; s House); Yasmine Naji (gallery owner and publisher); Leila Slimani (writer); Mehdi Qotbi (painter).

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