Weather: warm weather this Sunday

Here are the weather forecasts for the day of Sunday, September 30, 2018, prepared by the National Meteorological Directorate:

– A little bit of hot weather in the extreme south and the interior of the plains north and middle.

– Misty formations and low clouds on the coast in the morning and at night.

– Stormy showers in places on the reliefs of the Atlas, the Rif, the neighboring regions, the southeast, the north of the southern provinces, the plains to the west of the Atlas, the plateaus of Phosphates and Oulmès, the Atlantic plains north and middle and can overflow the Orient.

– Little to slightly cloudy sky elsewhere.

– Low to moderate wind from the north near the coast and variable elsewhere.

– Minimum temperature varying between 06 and 13 degrees on the reliefs, between 14 and 17 degrees on the eastern and the south-eastern and between 18 and 23 degrees on the plains north and center and the north of the southern provinces and between 23 and 27 degrees in the extreme south.

– Maximum temperature varying from 16 to 24 degrees on the reliefs and plateaus of phosphates, between 25 and 32 degrees on the eastern, the coasts and the southeast and between 35 and 38 degrees on the plains north and middle and north southern provinces and between 35 and 38 in the extreme south.

-Lovely to little agitated in the Mediterranean and on the straits and little agitated to rest on the Atlantic coast.

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