What time is it Tuesday, September 18, 2018?

The Department of National Meteorology predicts for the day of Tuesday 18 September 2018, the formation of low clouds in the morning and night fog or fog near the coast and on the Atlantic plains, with the risk of drizzle over the western Mediterranean and on the center coasts.

We also see the appearance of scattered showers or thunderstorms in the southern provinces, the southeast, the reliefs of the Atlas, the oriental, the southeastern and probably the Rif.

The air will be little to cloudy elsewhere.

On the mercury side, the minimum temperatures are in the order of 11/16 ° C on the eastern highlands and plateaus, 22/27 ° C in the southeast and the interior of the provinces and 16/21 ° C somewhere else.

For the maximum predicted between 19/24 ° C on the reliefs, 24/29 ° C on the Oriental coast, Oulmes and near the coasts, 29/34 ° C on the Atlantic plains, the Tangérois, the Saiss, the plateaus Phosphates and the south-eastern slopes and 35/40 ° C on the plains west of the Atlas, the Souss, the interior of the southern provinces and the far southeast of the country.

Finally the sea will be beautiful to little agitation on the Mediterranean and the Detroit, small excited agitated Boujdour and Lagouira and little agitated elsewhere.

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