Young delinquency makes SA law in the neighborhoods of Casablanca

Medina bus is pre-eminently the place for learning small crime? In any case, everything leads to faith, because buses have become the niches today where young Moroccans train to be the offenders of tomorrow.

Not a day goes by that young people do not give themselves in show, vandalism that leaves more than one panting and this becomes a ritual that some adults enjoy.

The powerlessness of some drivers does not lag behind, who, for fear of their safety, let them blow off steam with violence and despicable impudence. These scenes, which are now the largest part of the daily bus passengers, resemble those in countries that have been destroyed by wars and where the currency is "without faith or law." Many well-off Moroccans would hardly believe what happens in these buses. Good for them!

We will have seen everything: graffiti, damaged rescue, broken chairs, broken windows, spitting, feet on the chairs, overload … everything goes, the bigger it and the desivil the more it passes. As soon as they enter the bus, they try to break open the doors so that they remain permanently open and when madmen destroy everything and the automatic opening above the doors is the first target. Incomprehensible!

But besides the State invests huge amounts and continues to offer a helping hand to this company that is not careful with it. "

On the other side The tram has a new look and is well secured, normally all these sight investments are not comparable, but transport is a whole and it has to keep everything.

The height is that it is amused under the gaze. or amazed is done adults The young people have lost the reason to train adults with them because everything that happens in the bus, almost no adult raises the finger to call them, it is out of fear or they say nothing more to do is with jacta-dangers the youth have taken power.

"When fathers get used to let children do things, When sons do not pay attention to their words, When teachers tremble for their pupils and prefer to flatter them, When finally young people despise the laws because they no longer recognize the authority of something and no one above them, then it is in all beauty and in all youth the beginning of tyranny. Plato

Today is a guerrilla scene that young people have practiced, the site h24info has published a video that & # 39; shocking & # 39; and that irritates the netizens (…) indignation and desolation. not at least endlessly. The source reports that a group of young people on the video is attacking the controller and driver of bus number 65 in Sidi Moumen in Casablanca. "Armed with their umbrellas, sticks and everything that falls on their hands, they tried to block the bus with garbage containers, despite the driver's insistence that wanted to leave these places at any cost and quickly. 19659002] This scene was preceded at least two weeks ago in Hay Mohammadi, where another group of young people (very excited) had overtaken the driver who destroyed the windows. The driver of the bus 139 did wrong to open the doors for a man who got on the bus and treated a young man of about 17 years old, accompanied by his acolytes sent to a man – who is at work the opposite sidewalk quips of the bus window (these cases are multiple). Do not let the man get in the bus and the youngsters pay his account, gesture appreciated by all bus passengers who could no longer be with these young people. When they got off the bus, they first jumped on the driver before they sprayed the bus with stones, damaged the windows and also interrupted the voyage of the passengers, most of whom returned from their work. Turn the page, the driver will explain to his superiors … [18659002] On June 18, 2018, a police officer of the mobile police of the emergency police of the provincial district of the safety of Temara was forced to use his service weapon to to neutralize a person who threatened the life of passengers on an urban transit bus and police officers with a knife.

It is as if you were in the United States, five bullets of which two summons were drawn, during the intervention of this person, who threatened with the use of a sting, the life of the passengers of a bus for public transport and who of the elements of the police, after destruction the windscreen of two buses, had issued a statement from the Directorate-General of National Security (DGSN).

Faced with the violent resistance of the wrong target and his stubbornness to attack the passengers of the bus, the police officer was forced to use he was able to use his service weapon and fired five bullets, of which there three found the culprit on the knee and thorax, the source said.

In Ain Sebaa on Friday, August 18, a young machete terror carried in the streets of the El Wifaq district for almost 1 hour. This came after an altercation that he had with another almost the same age (20 years old). Just like in a film, the two young people stabbed each other before people could divorce them. Then the other young man, as possessed, took a machete and began to chase people. Followed by hundreds of people, the attacker did not stop and broke stores and even a car was also the cost of this anger.1 hours after this madness the police intervened but it was too late, the aggressor escaped in the wild

Crime is spreading all over the country and more than 70,000 young people are living in detention centers for crime.

It is urgent for the government to take arms up the body of a very disturbing phenomenon stimulated by drugs, but not that, mental instability, poverty and especially education are also other causes. Civil society and the government, which have been working on this plague for a long time, also need to see other instruments that are much more effective because the instruments used so far seem to be out of date.

However, it is important that state associations and civil society have good methods and sufficient human and material resources. Responsibility is important and arrangements must be made as quickly as possible to stop this very disturbing plague.

Mouhamet Ndiongue

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