Damage to roofs in Meerssen by landing aircraft 1Limburg

Totally fanned at the Bunderstraat four roof tiles away, reports spokesperson Hella Hendriks from Maastricht Aachen Airport. Also hit one lead strip damaged.

After the report was received at the airport, people from the Marechaussee came to see the damage on the spot. Then a job crew was summoned, who according to the spokeswoman would have repaired the damage. One of the residents denies that, according to him, there was indeed a man from a handyman came to see but did not have the good material with him. "That man left when he left, so the pans are still loose on the day", says the resident.

The airport has announced that it will investigate the incident further.

Pressure wave
Especially larger aircraft can sometimes be very unpredictable during take-off or landing pressure waves cause. They feel on the ground like strong gusts of wind, and can also cause damage. Four months ago, some of the roof tiles in Meerssen were also blown away by an airplane. The culprit was then, like Friday, a Boeing 777 from Emirates.

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