Google Maps expanded with real-time information about OV

With additional functionalities in her own app, Google Maps competes with traditional travel apps for public transport. From now on, Google will show real-time where a bus or train is located in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. This should help the traveler to plan his public transport trip even better, because the traveler can see, for example, whether it is useful to take a sprint to the bus stop.

Google Maps is becoming more and more complete and on Monday the company announced that it would add various new features to the app. From now on, a passenger will have access to real-time traffic information and transit information that is geared to the commuter's journey to and from work. The user is actively informed about his daily route, whereby Google provides information whether extra travel time is to be expected, for example due to an accident or heavy traffic.

Delay information

Furthermore, Google Maps itself offers alternative routes and Android users can receive real-time notifications about delays and disruptions on their route as they occur. Moreover, Google Maps now plays on travelers who use different modalities. This not only applies to all public transport forms, but also to travelers who travel part of the journey by car and another part by public transport.

For those travelers, Google comes with a new functionality that allows travelers to view information about their departure time and each separate part of the journey. "You know if there is traffic at your station, when the next train leaves and how long it will take to walk from the train station to the airport office", says Google in a blog. "We do the work for you and automatically incorporate this into your ETA, so that you can anticipate exactly when you go to work."


In addition, travelers in Australian Sydney can already see how full the train or bus is in the Google Maps app. NS already offers this in its own app, but with Google it is not yet possible. However, Google wants to roll out this feature in different cities soon. It is not known whether Dutch cities are included.

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It is important to create a data chain, but someone must keep an eye on total mobility in the Netherlands. Google can actively serve travelers with a lot of information, but can also misuse that information for commercial purposes. Join us on October 11 at the BusVision Congress.

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