Kalashnikov builds electric car Tech

The most important car is the Kalashnikov CV-1. That retro supercar could go from 0 to 100 in six seconds. The battery would have a range of 350 kilometers. It is a prototype and therefore it is not yet known how much the car should cost. In addition, Kalashnikov unveiled a hybrid buggy and an electric motorcycle.

The Kalashnikov rifle is named after its inventor, General Mikhail Kalashnikov. The first Avtomat Kalashnikova was made in 1947, and therefore the weapon is also known as AK-47. That weapon was made by the machine factory Izhevsk. In 2013, it merged with a competitor and the new company was named Kalashnikov, after one of the most important export products of Russia.

A few days ago Kalashnikov unveiled a 4 meter high, 4500 kilo heavy fighting robot. Little Igor, is called the monster.

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