New collective labor agreement for security officers: shorter working week and more regularity

Security guards receive a shorter working week and more favorable schedules. This is stated in the new collective labor agreement agreed between FNV and the employers in private security.

The average working time ranges from 38 to 36 hours per week. In addition, there is more time between different services and more regularity in the schedules.

Wages are rising by 1.5 percent at the end of this year and by 1.75 percent next year. From 2020 the increase will be 2.5 percent annually. "The result has been fought hard by the security guards, but their fighting spirit is now being rewarded," says Tanja Schrijver from FNV Beveiliging.

Flex workers

It has also been agreed that at least 80 percent of the security guards have a contract for an indefinite period of time. "By limiting the number of flex workers, continuity is better guaranteed", says Schrijver.

The new collective labor agreement will apply in the coming five years to 30,000 security guards who work for, among others, Securitas, Trigion and G4S Netherlands.

In recent months, security officers have been campaigning for a better collective agreement, including at the Free University, the Ministry of Defense, chemical company MSD and Schiphol. A number of security guards at the airport already received a new collective agreement at the end of last month.

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