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Edwin makes himself heard again after four years Entertainment

The last time De Roy van Zuydewijn publicly showed up in October 2014 after a publication in the weekly magazine Privatelythat the princess had managed to elicit some striking statements in the margins of a fashion show and then published them against her wish. "I'm sorry that he puts so much energy into the negative. It would be so much better to use it for new, positive things, because Edwin really does what he needs ", so quoted Privately the princess.

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'Edwin de Roy wants partner alimentation from Margarita'

In the previous years, Edwin Roy van Zuydewijn (52) sporadically heard of himself, regularly repeating with an 'all-revealing' book about the royal family that from the beginning of his relationship with Margarita, now more than eighteen years ago, life had made bad. "I think he should either come with it or stop working with it every time", responded Margarita opposite Privately.


Princess Margarita, daughter of princess Irene and godchild of princess Beatrix, married in 2001 in France for the church with Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn. Both were not welcome half a year later at the wedding of Margarita's oldest cousin prince Willem Alexander and in 2003 the aggrieved couple entered in an interview series HP / The Time a remarkable booklet about the royal family.

Queen, Prime Minister, Parliament, Cabinet of the Queen, Margarita's Grandpa Prince Bernhard, RVD head Eef Brouwers, security service, Interior and Justice and the Bourbon-Parma family got involved in the high-profile case. Edwin's antecedents had been checked without a formal authorization from a competent authority, which led to the political responsibility for the position of the Queen's Office being changed on paper.

New marriage

The fight against the family and other 'demons' eventually led to a removal between the combative spouses, after which the unemployed Edwin continued his crusade alone. After which, from that moment on he also pointed his arrows at Margarita. Alimony and the possession of dog Pablo caused a number of publicity battles, but then it became quiet around the Edwin who went abroad.

"My client has had a hard time, is now dependent on donations, has lived as a nomad in recent years," said lawyer Royce de Vries in the broadcast. Margarita fared better. She returned to the bosom of the family and married in 2008 with Tjalling ten Cate, with whom she has two daughters. The couple settled on the Horsten and Margarita went to work as a designer of jewelry.

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