Shadow over Romanian royal wedding Entertainment

Nicolae's aunt and head of the royal family, Margareta, stayed this weekend for a visit in the French Alsace and also his mother princess Elena let go of her at the wedding of her son. According to many Romanian media, the royal family passed an excellent opportunity to gain a stronger position in society, especially among the younger generation.

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The problems within the family came to light in 2015 when the elderly king Mihai suddenly his only grandson took his prince's title and placed it outside the line of succession to the throne. Prince Nicolae would lack the moral backbone his grandfather and his advisors deemed desirable for a prominent member of the family. That he would have conceived a girl during a bicycle tour through Romania played a role in this.

Particularly popular

Nicolae initially seemed to be resigning to the decision, but in the past year he has increasingly set his own course in the knowledge that he is very popular. He is officially no prince anymore, but the Romanian media still present him as such and he emphasizes that he is the grandson of the last king who died last year at the age of 96.

Aunt Margareta and her ambitious husband Radu should have nothing of this independent behavior. They also prevented Nicolae from visiting his grandfather on his deathbed last year, and when he went by, Nicolae was accused of attempting to break the door. In the run-up to his religious marriage, however, Nicolae remained optimistic about the possibility of reconciliation and the presence of his mother and his aunt. The hope turned out to be vain.

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