Steffi from Boer looking for Woman: 'I've had a short circuit in my head twice today'

BOEKEL – Anyone looking for the fourth episode of Boer zoekt Vrouw on Sunday evening must have seen it too: the twinkle in the eyes of Steffi when she talks about the men who can come and stay with her next weekend. Well, men … Say quietly: if she talks about one specific man.

In the television program 'Farmer for Women', farmers and farmers from all over the Netherlands hope to find the love of their lives with the help of Yvonne Jaspers. In the fourth episode, the two Brabant / Boekelian peasant women and heroines Steffi and Michelle spent a day with five candidates chosen by them. After a day of picnicking, horse dressage and crosses in the countryside (Michelle) and survival in the forest (Steffi), they announced Sunday evening which three of the five men may come to stay next weekend.

Harrold, Kevin and Roel
Steffi informed Yvonne during a meeting with Yvonne that she had twice a short circuit in her head during the survivies. And yes, 'then it will be serious'. When she then first invited Harrold for the first time without hesitation, it was clear who had caused the short circuit. Anyway, guests Kevin and Roel are still there, so the cards are still shaken. But maybe Roel can cancel his trip anyway.

Zeno, Ruud and Maarten
Michelle, in episode four, we saw a lot of laughing with and around her men. From the nerves perhaps? In any case, she admittedly found it difficult to find herself open and vulnerable. Yet we also saw little hesitation in choosing the three guests. That she was the first to mention Zeno, we did not see coming, but with number two Ruud and number three Maarten the playing field is still completely open.

Publication: Sunday, September 30, 2018 – 22:06
Changed: Sunday, September 30, 2018 – 22:22
Author: Jacky Goossens

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