150,000 to 160,000 people on the move in Leeuwarden – Friesland – LC.nl

These figures were announced Saturday evening by the municipality. On Friday, according to the municipality, the counter came to 95,000 visitors, with which the interim score – with one more day to go – rises to more than 250,000.

According to Johan de Jong of the municipality of Leeuwarden, Saturday's visitor estimate is based on a number of factors . A hard fact is that 60,000 people were transported by public transport and shuttle buses on Saturday. Added to that are the estimates of the number of parked bicycles around the center, the occupancy of hotels and the interest of their own residents and the number of guests they have brought along.

The second day went according to municipal spokesman Rob Leemhuis excellent. "The lesson from the first day was that we wanted to continue on the same footing. That will not be much different for Sunday. "

On Friday, the influx of public in the morning hours caused problems, especially around train transport. On the Saturday it was especially busy in the second half of the afternoon, according to Leemhuis. Around four o'clock, half past five the Stationsplein and the WTC area were full.

To ensure that everyone who wanted to experience the day finals of the day on the WTC grounds, around that time the Diver was decided to spend an hour longer. to rest on the Waagplein.


On Sunday, the giants, who spend the night on the WTC site and only start moving from half past three, are mainly about water. The municipality calls on visitors not only to come to the Prinsentuin. Further along the route, along the Dokkumer Ie out of town, there is also plenty of room to view the festive retreat of the giant trio.

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