243 students VMBO Maastricht still succeeded – but it went wrong again

Of the 353 pupils in the final year, a total of 285 have now graduated; 42 pupils had previously been told that they meet all exam requirements. Twenty pupils have to repeat the year anyway because of too low numbers.

Around fifty pupils still have the opportunity to take tests from October. They must obtain these recovery tests before 1 January, because until that date the grade will remain valid for their final exams. Some will not make use of this possibility at all, because they do not need a diploma for their further education.

Not called

In some cases, parents were not called or later than the agreed time slot. This again leads to misunderstanding among the parents. For example, a parent had to come to school himself to check whether the child was entitled to a diploma. A spokesperson for the school said that in a few cases it was not the right phone number on the call list.

For other children, the afternoon took an unexpected turn, says father Hub Vliegen. His daughter would make tests in the fall because of illness. Yet she received a phone call today: she had succeeded.

The phone was told that if she dropped a course, she would have completed her mixed learning path instead of her theoretical learning path. Before that she had already completed enough tests. "Unbelievable", says Hub Vliegen. "But we are glad we are finished from this school."

Slob: paper is valuable

Minister Slob writes that for many pupils and parents there is now an end to a summer full of uncertainties. "I hope that they can still look at their results with pride and continue with their follow-up training." The paper they have now acquired is and remains valuable. "

The recovery operation was necessary when a study by the Education Inspectorate showed that all 353 graduation students had missed parts of their school exams. As a result, they had actually not been allowed to participate in the national exams.

The exam debacle is now over for many students. In the meantime, several studies are still being conducted into what exactly went wrong at VMBO Maastricht. More will be made clear in the autumn.

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