25 years in prison for foiled attack and 'fumigation'

A loaded gun, switched-off telephones, clothes and belongings in the car to erase traces and quickly flee. Is that enough evidence to speak of a liquidation plan, even if the execution is foiled?

Yes, says the Amsterdam court. That convicted Quincy S. (34) Tuesday for the preparation of a liquidation and a series of other offenses, including the Amsterdam 'crime', up to 25 years in prison. Three co-suspects received prison sentences of five to seven years for assistance with the liquidation plan.

Against S. was demanded for life. The Public Prosecution Service called the case against him in advance of great importance for the protection of society against the wave of violence in the Amsterdam underworld.

When can you be someone? condemn for a murder attempt?

Quincy S. was arrested last year with Mike I., one of the co-defendants, in a stolen BMW at an exit from the A6 near Almere, with gloves and a loaded gun in his pocket. According to the Public Prosecution, liquidation is prevented. If the two were not arrested on the highway, the prosecutor argued, then S. had undoubtedly shot a criminal from the Amsterdam underworld in the Literatuurwijk.

According to the defense, that intention could not be proved. The suspects could just as well go to the collection of debts, to theft, extortion or hostage.

The court considers such alternative scenarios unlikely. For example, driver Mike I. wore two layers of clothing when he was arrested: not useful in the case of hostage taking, but on the flight after a murder. The same applies to the car: no vehicle to fly silently. On the basis of these "preparatory measures", interviews and observations by the criminal investigation department, the court stated that "it is no different than that S. and his co-defendants were preparing a liquidation".

Bullets on the tram

The 'mistake' a trendy shopping street

S., once trapped after his arrest in Almere, was also arrested in his cell at the beginning of this year for the 'fugitive' in the De Clercqstraat in Amsterdam. There, in May 2015, he walked into a shisha lounge with an accomplice and a fully automatic assault rifle – presumably a Kalashnikov. After S. was hit by a bullet, he aimed his weapon at a 25-year-old passer by assuming that he had shot him. The man, a casual passer-by, was shot on the street and died on the spot. A passing tram was also hit by the bullet.

For the underworld, the court hopes that the sentence "has a certain deterrent effect". Quincy S. is described by the court as a "professional hitman who is not bothered by conscience" in his actions. "Apparently only the money that the assignment provides for him", according to the court chairman.

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