Amsterdammer arrested in Purmerend for a save woman

The police have arrested a 44-year old Amsterdam citizen in Purmerend tonight. He would have hit a 23-year-old woman from Groningen in her face out of nowhere.

The victim walked around the Plantsoengracht around 02:30 with a friend when she was suddenly beaten by the Amsterdammer. In the meantime the man was walking in the direction of Looijersplein with another man.

When the police arrived and asked the couple to stop, one of them did. This man said he did not see anything. A short time later, the other man, the Amsterdammer, came down and the emotions ran high.

Police dog
Eventually, the police decided to arrest the man, but he refused to cooperate and tried to grab an agent. Because he continued to resist, the dog handler was deployed with his service dog.

He bit the man in his leg and at that moment he stopped counter-brawling. The suspect was transferred to the police station. The victim made a complaint to the man after her hospital visit.

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