Armenian children Lili and Howick have to leave the country by 8 September

The Armenian children Howick (13) and Lili (12) must leave the Netherlands by 8 September at the latest. That's what the Repatriation and Departure Service told them, they said in the talk show Leave on one on NPO 1.

On Friday, the Council of State decided that the two may be deported to their native country. There they would not be in danger and would not end up in degrading conditions. Their mother left for Armenia a year ago.

Howick and Lili told in the talk show that they heard the verdict with disbelief. "We are very sad," says Howick, "It was quite shocking for us and it was very difficult to hear the news." Lili still does not understand. "It's hard to believe, we're here in the Netherlands."


The two say they fear the moment they have to leave the country. "We are terrified, I find it inhumane and cruel that the state secretary can decide such a thing," says Howick.

According to their lawyer Flip Schüller September 8 is still a provisional date, because the Armenian government still has to give permission for the expulsion. There is a possibility that the teenagers will proceed and go to the European Court.

That complaint would in particular deal with how the Council of State dealt with the case. "In this way, the research carried out by the Child Care and Protection Board has been swept aside without argument," says Schüller. He and Howick and Lili will make a decision on this in the coming days.

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