Armenian children Lili and Howick leave the Netherlands no later than 8 September NOW

That said Howick Monday in the TV broadcast Leave on One.

The Council of State determined on Friday that both children must return to their country of birth. Their mother was expelled last year.

"We find it incomprehensible that they do this," said Howick. "We do not have family there, no friends, we come to a sort of orphanage there." His sister Lili does not understand either. "It's hard to believe, I do not have words for it, we're here."

The highest administrative judge ruled that the teens in Armenia, just like their mother, are not at risk of persecution or serious harm caused by inhuman treatment. Nor do they end up in a degrading situation, according to the Council of State.

But according to Scholtes lawyer, nothing has been arranged yet. They do not have a home and they are not registered at a school. The lawyers left Leave on One know how to present the case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). In the short term they will make a decision about that.

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