Boe calls against ghost cyclists helps | Interior

Every day it occurs on average 420 times that cyclists drive across the Erasmusburg in the direction of travel. Other cyclists are shocked when someone rushes down in their direction at high speed on the one-way bicycle paths.

To put a stop to this unsafe situation, Rotterdam has, among other things, introduced the calling and put down a special traffic light that lit up when someone took the wrong direction. Arrows were also painted on the road surface with the right direction and a thumbs up. The result of the measures was 11 percent fewer ghost cyclists per day.

At the Eendrachtsplein in the Maasstad, an experiment was held last summer to combat red bicycles. There were alternately two signs put down. One pointed to the risks, the other to social behavior. At the same time more than 2600 cyclists were observed, with and without signs. The number of red cyclists fell by more than 49 per cent on the risk board, and by 48.7 per cent on the second.

Experiments with the use of the smartphone on bicycles and bicycles without lighting will follow later this year, according to the municipality of Rotterdam.

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