Bommelding Tilburg was a terror threat – NRC

Four men who were arrested on Sunday evening after a bomb alert at the train station in Tilburg are suspected of threatening a terrorist crime. The police reported this Monday morning. The suspects are being interrogated.

Twitter avatar Police_Tilburg Police Tilburg eo The four men have been arrested for threats. At this moment, Monday morning, the suspects are heard so that it becomes clear what exactly happened. The reporter who was on the train is also heard to get clarity.

According to a spokesman for the police, it was a serious report and immediately "high scaled up". The police still speak with the passenger who made the report. The four men are still stuck. During the day the police hopes to be able to provide more clarity.

The station was evacuated on Sunday evening around 10.30 pm after a bomb alert had arrived at the police. The four suspects were in a train that was standing on the platform. The police called in an explosives explorer, but nothing was found. The station was released again around midnight.

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