Chaos at level crossing Nuenen: consider to be closed all day due to a breakdown

It was a bit of a wait when you had to cross the track in Nuenen. Since 12.20 hours the railway trees stayed down at two level crossings. That caused chaos.

The crossings remained closed until 8 pm. The malfunction is almost resolved.

It involves two transitions. One of them is at Dierenrijk. At the zoo, this afternoon was chaos because of the crowds. Not everyone wanted to detour or wait. Cyclists, hikers and even families with buggies ignored the closed railway trees and crossed over.

"I can imagine people crossing because it takes so long, but it is dangerous," said a ProRail spokesperson. The trains honed from safety protocol and drove past the transitions step-by-step.

Cause found

Around 20.00 hours the cause was finally found. "This took longer than normal, and there are sensors in the railways that know when a train arrives and a level crossing needs to be closed." Something went wrong with a coil that regulates this. "

The coil has now been replaced. ProRail is working on the correct adjustment so that the track trees automatically open and close again. Until then, it is done 'manually'. "It may take some time before the transitions work normally again, but it will be fine tonight." Tomorrow we start again with a clean slate. "

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