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Stigas is a knowledge institute that deals with safety in the agricultural sector. That a man dies by a cow is only very rare, as it turns out. Since 2006 it only occurred three times and the victims were older than 65 years. They would probably not be able to jump aside quickly enough when the cow made an unexpected move and afterwards the victim crushed.

Never before has Stigas been told that a child is the victim of a cow. "Fortunately," says Peter Tamsma of the institute. "But that this has happened is of course extremely sad. If children are killed in operations in the agricultural sector, they are accidents with tractors. "

Be careful

Even though it hardly occurs that people die by cows, Stigas warns of the risks. Tamsma: "We always advise people not to let children walk in the meadow when, for example, cows are walking. Although they have a high level of cuddliness, they are quite large, with hundreds of kilos very heavy and can be faster than many people think. "

Of cows who have just calved, according to Tamsma is generally known that they can exhibit more aggressive behavior. "They do that, for example, to protect their offspring. There are farmers who say: I come as little as possible between the cows. The risks are unfortunately still underestimated. "

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