Disaster: almost no one knows who Kerwin was


Today, the 35th commemoration for Kerwin Duinmeijer is already on schedule at the Dam. The then fifteen-year-old Antillian was stabbed to death on August 20, 1983 by a 16-year-old skinhead because he would have looked 'dirty'.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the organization to get enough people for a commemoration, the interest decreases each year. If 35 years ago there were thousands of demonstrators who commemorated Kerwin, the counter now stops at a man or 150.

It makes that the traditional procession from the Dam to the Vondelpark was canceled earlier by a shortage of volunteers, three years ago there were only fifteen people at the flower arrangement at the Mama Baranka statue.

The decrease in the small number of participants does Dichela Imperator, chairman of De Vrienden van Kerwin, pain. "People under twenty have never heard of him." According to Imperator, discrimination in the Netherlands is also the order of the day: "That is why this is so important."

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