Dog attacks woman (68) and then dies himself

In the Kouterstraat in Rotterdam-Zuid, a pit bull-like dog attacked a 68-year-old woman on Monday afternoon. She was bitten in her stomach and arm. The seriously injured woman was taken to the hospital with an ambulance. Her arm would have been broken in several places.

According to a local resident, the victim brought three children back to their home. When the door opened, the black-and-white male ran out and grabbed her.

The local person heard the victim screaming. He happened to have a separate banister in the house, he says. He took it with him to get the dog to let go of the woman.

The handrail was inserted into the dog's mouth. Until he opened his jaws. "But then he was still so crazy that he wanted to go to that woman all the time."

Men from the street kept the animal in check by pressing it against the ground. The police later put a muzzle on him and applied an anesthetic.

According to a police spokesman, aggressive dogs are normally confiscated. But that was not necessary in this case. The animal died on the street. To find out the cause of his death, a section is performed on the dog.


At the address of the dog there would be another bitch and a nest with puppies. The deceased male was the father of the young dogs. Some claim that the dog was staying at the address, others say that he is staying there permanently.

The dogs would have caused a nuisance for some time. The bitch would have broken out two weeks ago. She would then have attacked a person and two other dogs.

"There are even windows thrown in by neighbors because of the inconvenience of these dogs, who live in a breeding loft in the garden in all kinds of weather", one local resident says.

According to a spokesperson, only noise reports (barking) are known to the police.

Warning: the second picture shows the injuries of the victim and can be experienced as shocking.

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