'Drug dealers in secondary schools are the rule rather than the exception'

HILVERSUM / TILBURG – Drug dealers in secondary schools are the rule rather than the exception. This is what professor Pieter Tops of the Tilburg University said on Saturday evening in Nieuwsuur. According to Tops, there are few schools where it did not happen. Pupils at VMBOs, but also at the gymnasium are recruited according to him to deal drugs.

"They can earn five or six hundred euros by simply taking a bag with some stuff up and down from one place to another," explains Tops in the current affairs program. "That is two months of filling courses." An example in which Tops wants to show that the enormous amount of money earned from the production of synthetic drugs in the Netherlands' has a great attraction for all kinds of people who are not necessarily part of the hard core of the crime '.

Besides schoolchildren, he also mentions the example of farmers who are approached to make stalls or sheds available for criminal activities.

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Tops led the investigation of the police academy to the enormous amounts earned on the production of synthetic drugs in the Netherlands. A study showing that the final sales value of ecstasy and amphetamine produced in the Netherlands is 18.9 billion euros.

'Criminals continue to open drug labs'
In Nieuwsuur Freek Pecht, expert synthetic drugs of the West-Brabant police, also spoke extensively. While he shows in his area what has been played in recent times. For example, he makes a round of old drug labs in Tilburg, Kaatsheuvel and Baarle-Nassau.

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Criminals continue to open drug labs according Pecht and the chance of being caught is small, he explains. "Boys who do the dirty work in the bad conditions in the laboratories we often get in the picture. The layer of the criminals who are sitting up there, we hardly come across that in the regular studies. There is no time for that. "

'Strong investment required'
Tops agrees with the police expert. "In the Netherlands, we have little knowledge about who really pulls the strings in this world." And in order to gather that knowledge, a solid investment is required. According to him, the measures that Minister Grapperhaus of Justice already announced are not sufficient.

Investing in, for example, extra police capacity alone is not enough according to the professor. According to him, it is a broad social problem. According to him, we should reflect on the question 'whether we should not reduce the normalization of drug use in the Netherlands'.

Publication: Sunday, August 26, 2018 – 09:45
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