Family goes to all the thrift shops to brighten up Kabouterbos

Jonkman was pleasantly surprised with the spontaneous action of the De Vries family. He had never met the people before, but the vandalism in the forest hit them so that they decided to take action. "They had read in the morning what had happened here. They were so bad. "

'They then went all the thrift shops in the neighborhood and bought gnomes everywhere. They brought them here by car, they were forty or fifty. The price tag was still hanging on many gnomes', says Jonkman.

More often experienced

The volunteer has been using the Kabouterbos for years with great pleasure. He lives opposite and on Thursday he saw with his own eyes what was done in 'his' forest when he left his dog. 'And later there were four, five people at the door who also saw it,' Jonkman sighs.

He thinks he knows who the perpetrators are. "Camping guests. I assume that. You do not know where exactly they are, you will not find out. There are 62 campsites in the area. But in the past we have often found gnomes at nearby campsites, and even at a pancake house. '

'My heart starts to beat'

It still bothered Jonkman that vandals got into their heads to create such havoc. "It's really annoying. It is difficult to describe, but my heart really starts to beat with anger and disappointment when I see something like that. What does it take? "

'We maintain the Kabouterbos with a group. For ourselves, but also for all those children. Every day, if only a little bit of nice weather, 250 people look with ease. It is really a concept. The runners in the neighborhood sometimes said to us: 'When are you ready with that forest?' Passers-by always ask them where they can find the gnome forest. '

More gnomes

Jonkman hopes that the Kabouterbos will soon be restored to its former state. He says that new gnomes will probably be brought on Monday. "I understood from another volunteer that more people are busy collecting gnomes. That is, of course, very nice. '

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