Fatal blow during brawl at Wallen was self-defense

The 22-year-old Romanian who during a fight in the Amsterdam Wallen a blow to which the 32-year-old Robert Gerritsen eventually died, acted from self-defense. The court in Amsterdam determined this on Tuesday. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) had previously claimed three years in prison against the Romanian.

According to the judge, the Romanian Gerritsen struck "the chaotic situation" of the fight. Because the man can rely on severe weather, he is not punished for the death of Gerritsen. He was found guilty of overt violence. The court sentenced him to a conditional prison sentence of three months and 150 hours of community service.

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A friend of the man who acted from storms, including a Romanian, receives a prison sentence of seventy days (of which 46 are conditional) for his part in the brawl. The four Dutch people who were involved receive a conditional prison sentence of four months and community service orders of up to two hundred hours. One person, a Romanian, has been acquitted.

Cause unclear

On Saturday, September 3, 2016, two groups were put on the Amsterdam Wallen. A group of three Romanians competed against five men from Voorthuizen. According to the court, the Dutch committed the most violence. The 32-year-old Robert Gerritsen suffered severe brain damage during the fight and died one day later from his injuries.

The cause of the brawl is not entirely clear. The OM concluded earlier that "an accidental collision" was the reason for the violence. Gerritsen, according to justice, was killed by a slap on his mind, handed out by the 22-year-old Romanian main suspect. All other people involved were injured. In the requisitoir the public prosecutor said:

"The brawl suffered many moments of violence, both hitting and kicking against standing – but also against people on the ground. It is our firm belief that other participants could have lost their lives. "

Yet no lulling role

The case received a lot of media attention because at first it seemed as if Gerritsen and his friends were trying to appease a fight. Later, however, it became known that the Voorthuizenaars actively participated in the quarrel and that they committed "heavy violence" against the Romanians.

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The Romanians were arrested in Brussels in October 2016, one month after the fight. They filed a complaint against Gerritsen's friends and soon the Public Prosecutor announced that the Voorthuizen residents were also suspected of overt violence.

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