Fire at waste processor Attero in Wijster under control – Drenthe –

In a shed on the site of waste processor Attero on the Vamweg in Wijster, Sunday morning around half past five broke out. The fire brigade has just been able to give the signal fire.

The large fire destroyed a shed with a fully automatic finishing line for the screening of raw compost. In the shed there are conveyor belts with a capacity of 25 tons in the hour. According to Attero, the fire has no direct influence on the management of the complex.

Scaled up

Because the fire was difficult to reach, it was scaled up to large fire. Several fire brigades in the region were called to fight the fire. Around ten o'clock the fire was under control and the removal of the plating on the outside of the warehouse was started. The post-looping continued.

According to Attero, the hall must be regarded as lost. Nothing is known yet about the cause of the fire. The smoke development has, as far as is known, not caused any nuisance to the environment. According to the fire brigade, measurements showed that no harmful substances were released in the fire.

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