Foreign students despair: 'Everything not to sleep on the street'

Koen Marée of the Democratic Academy Groningen is one of the students who tries to find accommodation for foreign students. The DAG received around 100 messages from desperate students last week, mostly from abroad. "They ask for a mat, a bed, whatever, so that they do not have to sleep on the street."

Becoming a member of Facebook groups abroad, checking rental sites and writing brokers is not enough in many cases. "That says that the problem is extremely large," says Marée. What also does not help is that many ads are asked for "Dutch only". Marée also criticizes the university. "You see that it attracts very active international students, but in the meantime does not think enough about the consequences."

'450 extra rooms'

A spokesperson for the University of Groningen points out that this summer 450 rooms for foreign students were added. Rooms will also be added in the coming years.

To solve the worst problems now, the university has placed three event tents. "We feel responsible," said the spokesperson. Students who still do not have a living room at the beginning of September receive a temporary shelter in the tent for 12.50 euros per night.

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