Former foreman No Surrender was transferred to a heavily secured prison

Henk K., the former foreman of the motorcycle club No Surrender, was transferred to the heavily secured prison (EBI) in Vught. This is confirmed by the Ministry of Justice and Security NRC. Furthermore, a spokesperson does not want to say anything about the transfer. K.'s lawyer told the ANP news agency that Friday the police had received an anonymous tip about a possible flight plan.

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The 53-year-old former captain from Emmen is suspected of extortion and the conduct of a criminal organization, and was detained in Leeuwarden since December. He was immediately transferred to Vught. K. will stay in limitation for two weeks, and therefore only be allowed to have contact with his lawyer.

'Model prisoner'

His lawyer Roy van der Wal calls the transfer "absurd", K. would so far have been a "model prisoner" and have no plans to break out. The lawyer filed an objection and is considering committing summary proceedings so that the transfer to Vught is reversed. The EBI (Extra Secured Fixture) is a special prison where, among other things, detainees are detained who pose an extreme flight risk.

K. was the face of No Surrender for a long time. Earlier this summer, the biker announced through his lawyer that he had resigned his role as "World Captain". Because he is stuck on suspicion of criminal offenses, he could no longer lead the motorcycle club. About forty bikers decided to step up with K..

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