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Four day school week introduced at school in Zaandam for teacher shortage NOW

A primary school in Zaandam takes a four-day school week after the autumn break. The reason is a shortage of teachers, confirms Niko Persoon, chairman of the Executive Board of the umbrella organization Zaan Primair after reporting the NOS.

It is not clear which school of the dome is involved.

The four-day school week is introduced for group 5 of the primary school. The parents of the pupils were informed by letter on Friday. After the autumn holidays, the students will miss a half-Friday once and seven times a Friday will not have to go to school at all.

It had been a matter of time that within Zaan Primair a school would temporarily introduce a four-day school week. The education inspectorate then reported that it is not allowed that elementary school children structurally go to school for four days, but that schools can opt for that solution for seven weeks. The school in the Zaanstreek now chooses that solution.

Four-day school week 'last emergency measure'

The school in question has a vacancy for a teacher from the start of the school year, but it is not filled. Person says to NU.nl that this is "the last emergency measure".

If after the Christmas holidays no extra teacher is found, the four-day school week is introduced to another group.

At the umbrella organization Zaan Primair are dozens of primary schools from the Zaan region connected.

According to the Person, the teachers try to "give something" to the students so that the children can do homework on the day they do not have to go to school.

Minister gives extra millions to reduce teacher shortage

Minister Arie Slob (Primary and Secondary Education) announced on Thursday that millions of euros extra are being allocated to be able to use lateral entrants in education. In this way, the teacher shortage in primary and secondary schools must be reduced.

They are people who have a higher vocational or university degree and who are allowed to teach immediately, while still retaining their teaching qualifications.

Schools can receive a subsidy of 20,000 euros per influx. For primary schools there was 3.2 million euros available, but almost all of that has already been spent. Slob announced on Friday that 4 million euros extra will be available there.

EUR 4 million extra for primary and secondary schools

For both primary and secondary schools, 8 million euros were available for lateral entry students. There too, 4 million euros have been added.

Regions can also contribute ideas to reduce the teacher shortage. 13 million euros have been made available to implement these plans.

The General Education Union (AOb) appreciated the extra money from the minister, but the union said immediately that "only structural measures" could solve the teacher shortage. According to the AOb, this includes a better salary and less workload.

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